About me

I’m a seasoned designer (25+ years) of the problem-solving kind, with an eye for clean aesthetics and good detail. I work mostly in marketing communications, building websites, designing brand identities and crafting data-driven graphics.

I enjoy getting involved in wide variety of areas throughout the marketing process for my clients – both creative and technical. This can mean anything from project planning and research, generating concepts, design detailing, to technical integrations and automated processes.

Current status

After many years at design agencies I wanted to work more closely with the people my designs helped. So these days you’ll mostly find me in my studio in Hertfordshire where I work with international clients on their brand communications. The projects I work on are mostly visual brand updates, website redesigns and data-driven graphics.

Side projects

A brand tool for designers I co-founded with a developer friend. Create one central web page with all your brand’s details and assets.

Calm Corners
iOS app of curated free calm spaces in London. One of my #nocode experiments – this was built with Glide and Google Sheets.

This is a small collection of my photography, something I currently so as a hobby.

Where I started

I started out in the mid-90s designing and developing brands and marketing communications at big name agencies in London, including The Team, Lambie-Nairn, Brand Union and Turnbull Ripley. You can read more about this part of my career on my LinkedIn profile.

Between 2009 and 2014 I was frequently contracted for Carphone Warehouse. This involved design leadership (incl. UI & UX) on their My Hub web and mobile apps, including a number of trips to California to oversee implementation. I also lead the redesign of the Geek Squad UK website, and provided UX and design planning for a mobile insurance product.