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A seasoned designer of the problem-solving kind, having an eye for clean aesthetics and good detail. I work mostly in visual design for marketing and brand communications.

In my digital consulting work, I help clients with new tools and data workflows. I still call it designing, it just uses more of a systems and product mindset. I love tech products and the people in the community, from startups to solo makers and entrepreneurs.

Visual design

If your business needs help with marketing communications, building websites, designing brand identities or data-driven graphics you can see my work and services at

Digital tools

Does your business needs help with modern digital tools and automated workflows? I can help with training, setup, design and building. Please get in touch for more information.

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“Mark definitely delivered.”

Stuart Powell – Founder, EcoApp

“Someone you can respect and trust.”

Kevin Sorkin – CEO, Pendragon Intl. Media


Brand design for an app in pre-launch stage, which connects people with climate campaigns & advocacy organisations.



Brand design update and illustrations for a web app aimed at design agencies & remote teams.

Brandpage branding


Brand design and consultancy for a new global collaboration tool, created for civil servants.

GovApp branding

More about me

My career’s core focus has been around making things, and making things better. This is probably why I became a designer and why I try to be useful to others, or build things that are.

I enjoy getting involved in helping business builders in all sorts of ways – both creative and technical. This can mean anything from education and training, project planning and research, ideas and concepts, design detailing, to technical integrations and automated processes.

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Career history

I started out in the mid-90s designing and developing brands and marketing communications at well known design agencies in London, including The Team, Lambie-Nairn, Brand Union and Turnbull Ripley. You can read more about this part of my career on my LinkedIn profile.

In 2014 I went freelance, spending 5 years contracted to various design agencies across London. This gave me exposure to a huge variety of ideas, work and people, accelerating my design knowledge and teamwork skills.

Between 2009 and 2014 I was mostly contracted in-house for Carphone Warehouse. This involved design leadership (product, UI & UX) on their My Hub web and mobile apps, including a number of trips to California to oversee implementation. Whilst at Carphone I also lead the redesign of the Geek Squad UK website, and provided UX and design planning for a mobile insurance product.

Since 2014 I've worked for my own clients at Bowley Design, in partnership with my wife. We specialise in all forms of marketing communications, from brands, web and digital, to publications and documents.

Design help for online makers & entrepreneurs

Fellow no-code makers and founders have been telling me it’s hard to understand or implement good design whilst building their ideas and MVPs.

They currently have limited options. In some tools, they’re are faced with a choice between ready-made templates and a blank canvas they can’t paint on. In others the design is fixed, which leaves no easy way of differentiating your product from others.

If they are to succeed as a new generation of product makers, they need to just enough design knowledge to bridge the gaps.

How can we enable makers with design skills at the same speed and ease that no-code tools enable them to build?

But that’s easier said than done. They’re taking on so many roles already (engineer, product manager, marketer, etc.) they don't have time to study design too, as a practice. So I'm working on how this can be solved – how can we enable makers with design skills at the same speed and ease that no-code tools enable them to build?

Update: I’ve started working on an ebook with actionable, bite-sized lessons and tips on simple design principles. Each lesson comes with links to further resources, such as case studies, templates and worksheets.

If you’re interested, head over to


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Digital products & demos

The following are digital products and demos I’ve launched myself.

Maker Design ToolsDatabaseLive2020
Tiny Design Lessons Content platform & ebook Live2020
Extras for Carrd Demo gallery Live2020
Deck of Carrd Website gallery Live2020
Croxley App Mobile appLive2020
Good VenuesDirectory websiteLive2020
Calm CornersMobile appLive2019
MoodbotChat bot demoLive2019
Brand StackDirectory websiteClosed2017
Brandpage Web app (co-founder)Live2016
ContinuiOS appClosed2013
Freelance FiveInterview blogClosed2011
Creative Agency FreelancingFreelance blogSold2009